AD 10 Elektroniske 360 Graders Automatisk Panorama Stativ Hoved Motoriseret Stativ Ballhead for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax DSLR-Kameraer

Tags: stativ motoriserede hjul, stativ, andoer officielle, kuglehovedet stativ, ef nex, pan tilt automatiske motoriserede, Ball Head Mount, 360 panorama stativ hoved, andoer stativ, induro stativ hoved.

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6184959064906966 Håndholdte Gimbal DKK 379.00 /stk DKK 99.00 /stk DKK 179.00 /stk US $ 26.90 /stk DKK 599 /stk DKK 148.75 /stk US $ 499 /stk DKK 699 /stk

  • Materiale: Metal
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Model-Nummer: AD 10
  • Pakke: Ja
  • Mærke: yongnuo

The remote does not work all functions. "Angle"-setting the lens coverage angle, head rotation angle is not set more than 120 degree when panaraming video, only when photographing, you can specify a larger angle up to 360, and then only on the head itself without the remote, it's not possible on the remote. And famous promised gifts in quantity of 4 pieces. They're missing, too. There is no corner bracket on which I had very much, there is no lengthened screw. There is no protective cap on the battery, (as in the photo). Someone worked with stealing hands. It's just a shame. I specially chose this promised package, I will have to purchase separately. The remote does not work fully, and the small font is not the sun on the display is poorly read.

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