ABS solstråling skjold omgivende vejr station projektor 4-20 gulve

Tags: offentlig projektor sol, gulvtæppe projektor stå, misol, temperatur stråling skjold, scissor, lodning station magt, udsugning sol, aluminium varme skjold, station vejr, airpod spiderman.

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Materiale: ABS

Størrelse: Type En Ydre diameter indre diameter 140mm 62mm

Type B udvendig diameter 220 mm indre diameter 130mm

en pc ' er

Zara 2394
Very good.
THe fixing rods were missing and there is no adapting piece to fix on the irion plate. THe holes on the irion plate do not correspond with the three holes of the 14 plates. I cannot make a thermometer hut without these articles. I took contact with the seller to ask why this does not match and why he did not send the rods that will fix the 14 plates.

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